Food Tolerance Testing


Get valuable information from your own body about which foods work best for you, and which foods impede your healing.  Food intolerances are more subtle than allergies--- although overt symptoms may or may not be noticeable, most people feel a difference for the better when minimizing or eliminating problem foods. 


We’ll use Wholistic Kinesiology ® muscle testing to evaluate over 120 specific foods, and answer your questions about what’s best (and worst) for you to eat. This individualized, experiential process will give you useful information you can implement right away.  Making dietary changes based on your food tolerance testing results is often an important first step in a healing program, one that allows you to feel the effects of optimal nutrition in your body.


Your session will include:

  • A consultation about your digestive health and overall health concerns

  • Personalized recommendations for digestive support enzymes or supplements, if needed

  • Discussion about which therapeutic nutritional plan will work best for you

  • An easy-to-follow handout with all your food tolerance testing results for your reference


If approached as a stand-alone service, please plan for approximately 90 minutes for your Food Tolerance Testing session.  This service is also offered as a component of the more comprehensive Wellness Plan Development program.   Click on the box for Wellness Plan Development to see if that is the service that suits you best. Return

Wellness Plan Development


This comprehensive service is designed for people looking for natural options to treat a health concern, or as preventative measures before health issues develop.  We’ll use Wholistic Kinesiology ® muscle testing to access your body’s own wisdom about what your body needs to heal and thrive.  You’ll receive specific, individualized recommendations for foods, supplements, and self-care practices in an easy-to-follow format. 


Wellness Plan Development includes:

  • An in-depth consultation about your goals for your health

  • Food Tolerance Testing to identify key foods to emphasize or avoid

  • A nutritional supplement schedule with recommendations on exactly what to take, how much, and for how long, based on your muscle testing results

  • Discussion about emotional issues related to your health

  • Self-care strategies to support your healing

  • Access to reliable, professional quality supplements tested for you


Please allow 2 to 2 ½ hours for your initial Wellness Plan Development session.  Follow up sessions (approximately 60 minutes) track your progress and allow us to make adjustments in your plan as your health improves.  Your Wellness Plan also gives us an opportunity to identify emotional support beneficial to your healing, as well as your body’s requirements for movement.  PsychoEmotional Healing and Functional Movement services are offered as adjunct sessions—please check my other services pages for more information, or contact me with your questions about how we may work together. 


Your Wellness Plan does not replace the care of a qualified physician for conditions requiring medical intervention, but does offer complementary support for your health concern.  It is my honor to be part of your team of trusted practitioners. Return


Fundamentals of Health:

Sleep, Digestion, and Movement


This integrative consultation focuses on evaluating and addressing issues related to three fundamentals of health: sleep quality, digestive health, and your daily movement.  When one or more of these elements are dysregulated, negative effects build up and impede your healing.  Interventions are customized to your needs, and may include supplement recommendations, help with creating behavioral changes, movement instruction, and more.  Food Tolerance Testing is available as part of this service, or as a separate session.  Depending on your needs, please allow 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours for your consultation.  Briefer follow-up sessions monitor and build on your progress, as we adapt approaches to your changing needs. Return



Food and Mood- Nutritional Healing for

Stress, Depression, and Anxiety


What we eat has a tremendous impact on how we feel, day-to-day.  Food and Mood sessions will empower you with personalized information and insight on what to eat, how much, and when, to balance your mood and reduce the effects of stress.  Individualized recommendations for supportive nutritional supplements can also be incorporated into your program, utilizing Wholistic Kinesiology® muscle testing. 


Food and Mood also integrates well with PsychoEmotional Healing and Functional Movement sessions—check my other services pages for more detailed information, or contact me to discuss our options.  Our approach will be customized for you.  Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes in duration. Return



Heal Your Relationship to Food


Address the emotional issues driving your rocky relationship with food, while learning mindful eating and self-care strategies to create lasting change.  A variety of therapeutic techniques may be used in your sessions, depending on your unique needs.  Together, we’ll look at what has influenced the way you eat, work to resolve issues at their origins, and map a way forward.    You’ll also learn powerful techniques you can use in your daily life to nurture a healthy relationship with food. 


You can expect a safe, compassionate, and empowering environment in this and all of your sessions.  Some clients receive what they need in a single session, while others attend a series of sessions.  As always, our approach is tailored to you.  Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes in duration.


This program is not intended as a primary treatment for eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, but may be considered as an adjunct to your work with an outside therapist.  If this is your situation, please contact me to discuss how we may work together to ensure the support you need. Return

Creating Health Behavior Change


You probably know a thing or two about what behaviors would improve your health and wellness.  Or, perhaps your doctor has recommended a few changes for your health condition.  Knowledge of what to do is only a part of getting it done—this program helps you with the how.  You’ll receive guidance and partnership with:

  • Creating a realistic, achievable plan to meet your goals

  • Thinking through what makes it easier AND harder to start a new habit

  • Having a plan for when other things get in the way

  • Tracking your progress with an accountability partner

  • Taking the opportunity to change an approach that’s not working as well

  • Looking at an old problem in a new light and brainstorming fresh ideas


Creating Health Behavior Change most often integrates with other programs, but can be an area of focus on its own, too.  As a stand-alone service, the recommended sequence is an initial consultation (about 60 minutes), followed by weekly 30-45 minute check-in sessions by phone or in person for eight weeks or longer, depending on your needs.  As with all my programs, Creating Health Behavior Change is fully customizable. Return

Stress Management and Self-Care Practices


Almost everyone I see in my practice identifies stress as an impactful factor in their lives, and so many of us struggle with self-care.  In this program, you’ll learn new skills to care for yourself in times of stress and develop your own self-care strategies, with experiential guidance and in-session practice.  You’ll also have the option to receive personalized recommendations for nutritional supplements to help regulate your nervous system and modulate your stress reactivity. 


This program blends especially well with Functional Movement sessions and other Wholistic Health Coaching services, but can be an area of focus on its own, too.  As with all my programs, Stress Management and Self-Care Practices will be tailored to your interests, goals, and learning style. Return

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