Building Your Emotional Toolkit


Do your emotions seem to rule your life?  Learn to receive the guidance your emotions are offering, without getting caught up in the moment.  I’ll help you understand how to identify and interact with your emotions in ways that reduce your distress and improve your relationships. By learning self-regulation skills, you’ll be able to get to your deeper needs and respond to your emotional states and others with more clarity.  Even when you can’t change what’s happening on the outside, you’ll have the tools to work with what’s happening on the inside. Return

Practicing Conscious Communication

We’ve been learning to communicate with others since we were very small.  Trouble is, many of us did not have great teachers.  Since we are social beings who rely on communication for so much of our wellbeing, learning conscious communication skills improves many areas of our lives, at work, at home, in our closest relationships, and out in the world.  In our sessions, you’ll learn and practice:


  • Checking in with yourself to discern your feelings and needs

  • Identifying your triggers and taking responsibility for your emotions

  • Becoming aware of your motivations and intentions

  • Choosing to move beyond your defenses into authentic relating

  • Listening to learn and speaking to be understood

  • Asking for what you need with clarity

  • Opening your heart and choosing connection


Conscious Communication sessions give you the chance to bring your thorniest communication challenges to light and practice new skills in an environment of acceptance.  For many people,     conscious communication leads to closer, more fulfilling relationships, reduced anxiety, and greater     self-confidence.  This fundamental life skill can also open you to deeper opportunities for healing. Return

Boundary Bootcamp


Do you find yourself often feeling resentful, anxious, or guilty?  Do you hold back your feelings, or blurt them out without thinking?  Are you tip-toeing around important people in your life, afraid to upset the “peace”?  These common experiences often point to a need for better boundary awareness and skills. In our Boundary Bootcamp sessions, you’ll:


  • Get a better grasp on what boundaries really are, and why they’re so important

  • Know when others are violating your boundaries, or when you are encroaching on others

  • Develop Conscious Communication skills to set, maintain, and adjust boundaries

  • Repair gaps in your energy system that leak your life force

  • Cultivate compassion, without relying on rigidity or feeling pulled off-center

  • Learn emotional self-regulation skills to move past your defenses and into authenticity


So many of us have grown up without functional boundary systems that we often don’t know what’s missing, or why we keep repeating the same dissatisfying patterns in relationships.  In our sessions, you’ll have an opportunity to re-evaluate your assumptions and beliefs about boundaries, and decide what you’d like to change.  The skills you develop will help you create even more positive change in important areas of your life such as at work, your family life, friendships, and your closest relationships. Return    



Moving Through Grief and Loss


Grief is a reaction to loss that can span a huge emotional range: anger, sadness, confusion, shock, guilt, anxiety, and depression are but a few of the faces grief can wear.  Grief can make itself known soon after a loss, or it can simmer and arise months or years later.  We tend to think of grief as connected to death of a loved one, yet this is but one of many experiences that can trigger grief; divorce and relationship endings, job changes, and family conflicts are also some examples of life transitions where we might encounter grief.  Even after a successful recovery from an illness or addiction, there may be grief work to do around the parts of our lives that were affected by those events.


Whenever and however you experience grief, talking about it with a compassionate listener is one of the first things to help.  In our sessions, you’ll also learn healthy ways to relate to your emotions and build skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.  Guided meditation and energy work in session takes grief up on its invitation to do deeper healing work in our lives.   Gentle, life-affirming movement may also be incorporated into our sessions as a way to get your vital energy flowing again.  Grief resolution often happens more slowly than we’d prefer, yet there are powerful steps we can take to support your natural progress.  You don’t have to go it alone.


“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There’s a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in”

-Leonard Cohen    





Navigating Life Transitions


Life is full of change.  Some of it is planned, some takes us by surprise—pleasantly, or less so.  Both new and unresolved issues tend to come up at times of transition, and when they do, we are presented with a unique window to heal our past and consciously create our future.  If you find yourself in the midst of a transition such as graduating, moving, changing careers, job loss, getting married, divorcing, becoming a parent, having children leave home, retiring, or another significant life change, you may feel like you are in a new territory without a map.  I’m here to help you navigate your transition with more grace, ease, and gratitude. 


Sessions focused on Life Transitions can help you to:


  • Recognize and work with feelings as they arise

  • Integrate past experiences and update your learning

  • Let go of what is passing away and embrace what is to come

  • Clarify your vision and personal values to make more clear-headed choices

  • Define and step into new roles for yourself

  • Make action plans to help you cope with new demands

  • Grieve your losses and celebrate your gains


Sessions are always tailored to you, and may incorporate mindfulness practices, guided meditation, relaxation and self-care strategies, values clarification, narrative life review, and more.  We’ll focus on your strengths to meet your challenges and build resilience.  Let’s make the most of this new phase of your life! Return



Spiritual Integration


Spirituality is a deeply felt sense of the divine within us and in the world around us, a sense of something larger than ourselves, yet contained in our beings.  There are many other ways to define and experience one’s own spirituality—some connected with a religious affiliation, many independent of organized religion itself.   Whether you are an experienced spiritual seeker, or are looking to reconnect with your lost spiritual aspect, Spiritual Integration sessions offer a sacred and safe space to explore deep issues of meaning, growth, and the “big questions” in life. 


If you’ve had a transcendent spiritual experience, talking it through with a fellow traveler helps to anchor your awareness and extend your insight into daily life.  Profound spiritual healing asks us to continue to care for ourselves in important, often different ways in which we’ve lived before.  Even with spiritual insight, making that leap can be a challenge.  Maintaining our spiritual insight in daily life takes care and practice, and sometimes, new skills.  We’ll focus on your unique journey to help you stay connected to your inner wisdom.  Techniques used in Spiritual Integration sessions are tremendously varied, but often center around guided meditation and energy work to continue your healing in the spiritual realms.


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 



Healing Your Heart


For many, there is no pain like the pain of heartbreak.  No matter what has wounded your heart, healing takes time and attention.  In sessions focused on Healing Your Heart, we’ll work together to integrate the past while staying in the present, listening to the wisdom in your emotions, and tapping into your strengths.  We’ll incorporate mindfulness skills, breathing techniques, and the power of gratitude to help soothe your soul while you mend your heart.  You’ll have the opportunity to interrupt negative patterns of thought and critical self-beliefs so your true self can shine through.  As with all coaching focus areas, Healing Your Heart is completely tailored to you.  Here, you will find a safe and sacred environment that is intended to support you in choosing love and connection in your life in the ways that are most meaningful to you. Return



Clearing and Healing Your Energy Field


Like a shower for the spirit, self-care practices aimed at clearing your personal energy field are important for your health and wellbeing.  Experience powerful energy clearing and healing modalities in session, while learning techniques to care for your energy in your life and out in the world.  You’ll gain useful skills to promote concentration, relaxation, and vitality.  Morning, afternoon, and evening practices help to maintain self-care and move you through your day gracefully.  Handling stress and difficult emotions becomes easier with these simple yet profound practices, customized for you. Return



Creating Your Life Purpose


Sometimes it feels like a life purpose finds us, almost accidentally.  More often, we are challenged to create our purpose.  Through a process of exploration and experience, purpose begins to take shape.  Over time, that shape and grows and shifts.  At each stage, we are called to attend to what is deeply meaningful to us, accept the gifts and challenges of life, and define our authentic selves.  We’ll work together to clarify your values and goals to create the vibrant life you most want to live.  I’ll help you find your place of “flow”, opening your heart and mind to the call within.  Are you ready to resonate with your creation? Return



Your Inner Journey


In a state of focused relaxation, you will be guided to explore and experience your inner healing resources.  This practice can help you through stuck spots on your healing path, assist in resolving old issues, update your internal programs influencing your quality of life, and enhance integration of your life experiences.   We can focus on a specific issue, or take an exploratory approach. Return



Unveiling Your Authentic Self


Rarely do any of us reach adulthood with all the skills and awareness to successfully navigate all of life’s challenges.  PsychoEmotional Healing can help to update your learnings and fill in the missing pieces by examining the messages you received in your formative years and finding what fits for you now.  Experiential energetic methods used in sessions help clear old programs to make way for more of your authentic self.  We’ll build a foundation of self-acceptance to help you show up fully in your life, as you are, knowing you are enough.  By connecting with your soul’s essence, you’ll develop a self-concept that’s more than skin deep. The world needs you—your true, unmasked, and authentic self—now, more than ever. Return

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