Wherever you are in your journey,

I’ll meet you there and help

you take the next steps.


I know you are a powerful being, even if you doubt yourself sometimes.  You’ve probably tried some things already to help yourself with whatever issue you’re struggling with—most people have thought and talked a lot about what troubles them, before reaching out to me.  I’ll help you tap into your own creative healing power by tuning into what’s at the root of your issue and applying the transformational tools I’ve learned over my twelve years in practice. 


Coaching can take many forms, targeting diverse areas in your life.  Together, we'll address whatever has been holding you back from living your best life.  

"My own personal growth and inner peace have improved by leaps and bounds thanks to the tools you taught me, and the time we have spent together!  I want my friends to build what I have been able to build, and I think you're an excellent mentor!”



The coaching experience is like continuing education for your mind, body, and spirit,

with all the transformation that profound learning brings.


At various times, I may be your sounding-board, your wise counsel, your mentor, teacher, and intuitive guide.  Most of all, I will be your collaborator in healing.  Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, gain fresh perspectives, let go of old limiting beliefs, and cultivate more love, acceptance, and ease in your life.  When you work with me, you can expect the compassion and personal presence that facilitates true healing.


You’ve already come this far. 

Now, you don’t have to go the rest of the way alone 


I’ve helped many clients go deep with their healing work.  Although each person’s story is unique, and our approach will be tailored to your individual needs, some issues come up time and time again.  To give you an idea of how we might work together, below are some topics I’ve successfully helped clients navigate.  Many of these areas may be relevant to you, no matter what your primary reason for seeking help may be.  If you don’t see your concern represented here, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your particular focus for healing.

Building Your Emotional Toolkit

Do your emotions seem to rule your life?  Learn to receive the guidance your emotions are offering, without getting caught up in the moment.  

Healing Your Heart

For many, there is no pain like the pain of heartbreak.  No matter what has wounded your heart, healing takes time and attention.  In sessions focused on Healing Your Heart, we’ll work together to integrate the past while staying in the present, listening to the wisdom in your emotions, and tapping into your strengths. 

Practicing Conscious Communication

We’ve been learning to communicate with others since we were very small.  Trouble is, many of us did not have great teachers.

Spiritual Integration

Whether you are an experienced spiritual seeker, or are looking to reconnect with your lost spiritual aspect, Spiritual Integration sessions offer a sacred and safe space to explore deep issues of meaning, growth, and the “big questions” in life. 

Boundary Bootcamp

Do you find yourself often feeling resentful, anxious, or guilty?  Do you hold back your feelings, or blurt them out without thinking? 

Moving Through Grief and Loss

Whenever and however you experience grief, talking about it with a compassionate listener is one of the first things to help.  In our sessions, you’ll also learn healthy ways to relate to your emotions and build skills that will stay with you for a lifetime

Navigating Life Transitions

Life is full of change.  Some of it is planned, some takes us by surprise—pleasantly, or less so.  Both new and unresolved issues tend to come up at times of transition, and when they do, we are presented with a unique window to heal our past and consciously create our future.

Clearing and Healing Your Energy Field

Like a shower for the spirit, self-care practices aimed at clearing your personal energy field are important for your health and wellbeing.  Experience powerful energy clearing and healing modalities in session, while learning techniques to care for your energy in your life and out in the world.

Creating Your Life Purpose

Sometimes it feels like a life purpose finds us, almost accidentally.  More often, we are challenged to create our purpose.  Through a process of exploration and experience, purpose begins to take shape.

Your Inner Journey

In a state of focused relaxation, you will be guided to explore and experience your inner healing resources.  This practice can help you through stuck spots on your healing path, assist in resolving old issues, update your internal programs influencing your quality of life, and enhance integration of your life experiences.   We can focus on a specific issue, or take an exploratory approach.

Unveiling Your Authentic Self

Rarely do any of us reach adulthood with all the skills and awareness to successfully navigate all of life’s challenges.  PsychoEmotional Healing can help to update your learnings and fill in the missing pieces by examining the messages you received in your formative years and finding what fits for you now.

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