Functional Posture


Living pain-free is possible, and it starts with postural awareness.  After your postural assessment, you’ll learn easy and effective structural interventions tailored to your body.  As we attend to your postural fitness, you will:


  • learn how to stand, sit and walk to your body’s best advantage

  • positively affect your mood with your posture

  • improve your workplace ergonomics to reduce repetitive stress injuries

  • determine your optimal sleeping posture

  • perform day-to-day tasks with more efficiency and less risk of injury

  • project confidence and ease

  • oxygenate your body with fuller, more functional breathing

  • build the necessary foundation for complex movement patterns


Pain and injury are not inevitable consequences of living!  Pain does, however, communicate that something has gone awry.  The solution does not lie in painkillers or surgery, but in gaining the awareness and skills to recreate a functional posture in all activities.  Without this ability, other rehabilitation efforts are limited in their success. 


Whether you experience chronic pain, or want to avoid injury, Functional Posture is a necessity.  It is also the first step in our work together if you’d like to advance to more challenging movements to meet your fitness goals.  Clients who are already taking group postural fitness classes elsewhere appreciate the personalized attention in our sessions to take their classwork to a deeper level.  Most clients plan for 45-60 minute Functional Posture sessions. Return

Stretch, Strengthen, and Balance


Sessions focus on three fundamentals of physical fitness: strength, flexibility, and balance.  Many of the movements we do will combine two or more of these aspects, encouraging healthy  neurological adaptation.  You’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived, with skills and benefits that transfer to your everyday life, such as:


  • preventing falls and injury

  • building and maintaining bone health

  • raising your metabolic activity

  • moving more efficiently throughout your day

  • reducing aches and pains

  • gaining confidence in sports and other activities

  • rebuilding trust in your body’s capabilities


Stretch, Strengthen, and Balance is a comprehensive program designed to meet your individual needs.  Your program will grow and adapt as you do, incorporating gentle movement and achievable challenges.  You’ll be better equipped to not only do more, but to enjoy daily life in your body.  Wherever your adventures take you, you’ll have the strength, flexibility, and balance to live life more fully. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length. Return

Build Your Personal Movement Menu


Each session begins with a check-in about how you are feeling in your body, followed by a movement series responsive to your needs and goals that day.  We’ll build on your prior workouts and add something new.  In our review, we’ll make sure you have a good grasp on how to perform movement safely and effectively at home.  At the end of our session, you’ll have the opportunity to take detailed notes about our workout to add to your collection of repeatable “recipes”.


Over time, you’ll build an invaluable resource of individualized workouts that work for you.  You’ll be able to go back to your movement recipe box to add variety to your at-home exercise.  If you experience pain or tightness in specific areas, your movement menu will include therapeutic stretches and exercises to help you help yourself when you need it most.  This program is for you if:


  • You are committed to exercising at home or between sessions

  • You’d like to know what to do with your aching back, sore knees, or other challenge

  • You like learning how to care for your body


Build Your Movement Menu can be used in combination with most Functional Movement programs, including Stretch, Strengthen and Balance, Functional Posture, or Moving Out of Depression and Anxiety.  Taking notes and repeating a variety of sequences enhances your learning of the self-care strategies that we co-create, without letting you fall into the rut of “routine”.  Movement Menu sessions typically run 60-75 minutes, but can be modified in duration to fit your needs. Return

30-Minute Express Sessions


In 30 minutes, you’ll experience a full workout customized for you. Clients of varying fitness levels can find that their needs are well met in express sessions.


This program is for you if:


  • Your do well with a high-intensity, full-body workout in a short amount of time

  • Or, your stamina is low and you’d like to ease back into movement with brief sessions, focusing on stretching and gentle movement

  • Your time or budget is limited, yet you still want to prioritize movement




Moving Out of Depression and Anxiety


Moving Out of Depression and Anxiety is a comprehensive, individually tailored program that includes one-on-one movement facilitation, supportive nutritional guidance, and PsychoEmotional healing processes to address the origins of your mood disruption.  Along the way, you’ll learn emotional self-regulation skills, develop positive habits, and take small steps that add up to big changes.  This program is based on empirically supported exercise, nutrition, and interpersonal healing interventions known to promote improvements for people with  depression and anxiety.


The laundry list of ways in which physical activity improves symptoms of depression and anxiety goes on and on…you’ve probably already heard that exercise increases serotonin and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that predictably lag in depression.  You probably already know that exercise improves sleep otherwise lost to depression and anxiety, calms your stress hormones, and sends feel-good dopamine through your brain when little else feels good.  Surely you know that the fatigue of depression, or the restlessness of anxiety, are balanced no better than by physical movement.  Yet, even knowing all this, it’s often SO hard to get up and move, right?


Making the decision to schedule your sessions gives you the structure and accountability that helps you to overcome the inertia of depression, or the scattered focus of anxiety.  You’ll leave our sessions feeling better than when you arrived, with a well-deserved sense of accomplishment. 


While the program is tailored to fit your specific needs, a suggested starting point for many people is:


  • One ninety-minute session per week including PsychoEmotional healing and movement

  • One to two additional 30 minute “express” sessions devoted to movement each week

  • Mood tracking and exercises to be completed at home

  • Individualized dietary and supplement recommendations to support your healing


Please email or call for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your interest in participating in the Moving Out of Depression and Anxiety program. Return

Move Your Energy

Pain, fatigue, and general malaise can all be thought of as symptoms of “stuck” energy.  There’s no better way to restore your vitality and move stagnant energy than to physically move your body!  With Move Your Energy, you’ll enter a sacred space to transform emotional and physical issues by engaging in mindful movement.  Your body has something valuable to tell you, and we’ll listen and respond.  Sessions are often gentle, sometimes challenging, and always focused on connecting with the wisdom of your body.  PsychoEnergetic modalities such as guided visualization and energy healing may be incorporated to facilitate your process.


 Clients are often able to:

  • access deeper emotions and insights

  • feel more present, alive, and vital

  • transfer skills and awareness to daily life

  • resolve emotional pain presenting in the body

  • make gains in flexibility, strength, and balance


Unlike in a public gym, the private studio setting offers us the ability to transition to psycho-emotional healing modalities if called for in a session.  Clients typically plan for 60-90 minutes per session to receive the full benefit of Move Your Energy. Return    

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