Our work together begins with your intentions for healing


What’s not working the way you’d like in your life? 


Perhaps your concerns are centered in the mental and emotional realms, and you’d like to improve your relationships, make peace with difficult experiences, or reduce symptoms like depression and anxiety.  It may be that you have a primarily physical issue—a specific health challenge you’re facing, or aching joints, tight or weak muscles—maybe you haven’t been able to move your body as you’d like.  Or perhaps your issue is spiritual in nature, and you are seeking deeper healing, purpose, and meaning in life.  Most often, a primary issue affects multiple domains in a person’s life. 


Wherever your issue is most deeply felt, we’ll work together to achieve your goals of healing in ways that positively impact all aspects of your lived experience. 

Tailored for You


Sessions are structured around the concerns and goals you bring, and are designed to be responsive to your changing needs as you heal.  We may use any number of methods to support your healing intentions in a session.  Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues are so often deeply intertwined.  For that reason, we may address the “thinking and feeling” aspects of your issue, engage in therapeutic movement, map out your nutritional plan for healing, and co-create spiritually-oriented healing processes, in any given session, or over a series of sessions.  Your unique style of learning and your particular reasons for seeking assistance will guide our selection of healing methods.  Some clients work solely in one domain, for instance, focusing on life coaching issues, or meeting for functional movement sessions, but many clients integrate physical, emotional, and spiritual work over the course of our time together. 


Services are currently offered by phone or by Zoom. In-person movement sessions are temporarily suspended.


I don’t believe in the “50-minute hour”.  I do believe in giving you the time and attention you need to reach a natural point of conclusion for each session.  I schedule a limited number of clients on any given day, to allow for flexibility in the time you may need to adequately address what we’re working on.  Most people plan for 60-90 minutes, although some need more or less time.  I’m always happy to respect your time and budgetary constraints—if you have a time within which we’ll need to finish your session, please let me know at the start. 


My rate is $80 per hour for all the services I offer, so you can combine various treatment approaches in a single session.  I accept payment via debit, credit card, or check at the time of service.  My services are not eligible for insurance plan coverage.

Schedule your appointment by clicking Book Online, or by calling, texting, or emailing.  New clients are invited to call for a 15-20 minute phone consultation, at no charge, prior to scheduling their first appointment.  Our consultation will allow me to best understand your concerns and goals and use in-session time to your best advantage at our first meeting.  If a need to reschedule arises, all clients are asked to kindly provide 24-hours advance notice via text or phone, whenever possible.

Making Notes


All sessions are currently offered by Zoom or by phone only. Please indicate which format you prefer when booking, and if you select videoconferencing, I will follow up with a private link by email. Enhanced security measures will be enabled on Zoom to protect your privacy.

“Stacey Bouffard is so multi-faceted in her skills, knowledge and talents it is difficult to know where to begin.  She is first and foremost a consummate professional who takes her work very seriously and does all that she can to create a safe, comfortable place for clients that is conducive to healing, growth and expansion.  She has a broad range of experience and training, which allows her to choose the modality that works best for each unique individual. Stacey has the ingredients most necessary in an effective healer, which is a dedication to her own growth, razor-sharp attunement and observational skills, and a warm and caring heart.  She radiates this all in her authentic presence and the transformation begins with the first phone call!  


I have experienced Stacey as a client of hers and as a professional colleague to whom I have referred several clients who were very satisfied.  I highly recommend her as a facilitator on your healing journey.”


-Karen Olsen., Licensed Professional Counselor


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